Our research interests and goals at Goukassian lab CVRC.

I. CardioVascular Space Radiobiology
- Determine molecular mechanisms of space radiation-induced long-term CV degenerative risks.
- Development of predictive biomarkers for space radiation-induced CV Excess Relative Risks (ERRs).
- Development of countermeasures or mitigating factors to minimize space radiation-induced CV ERRs.
Single dose of Proton-1H irradiation 3 months prior to adverse CV event, acute myocardial infarct is beneficial, whereas iron-56FE is deleterious for recover after AMI.
II. Molecular Cardiology, Stem and Progenitor Cell Biology
- Aging, tissue repair and regeneration
- EC and EPC biology and function in physiological and pathological angiogenesis
- Therapeutic neovascularization and cardiac regeneration
III. Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
- Tumor angiogenesis, invasion and metastasis
- Tumor prevention and therapeutics
- Animal models of human cancers
Increased apoptosis in tumors from p75KO mice at the border-zone and reduced incorporation of BM-derived EPCs into functional capillary network in p75KO tumors.
Apoptosis and tumor angiogenesis was evaluated at the interface of tumor/normal tissue by triple staining with terminal transferase dUTP nick end labeling (TUNEL), CD31 and Topro-3. Representative images of triple-immunostained tumors (panel on the far right) in the periphery of tumor tissue for TUNEL (green), CD-31 (red) and Topro-3 (blue) in WT (a) and p75KO (b). (a, b) TUNEL staining (top panel) in WT tumors. (b) Insets in peri-tumoral (top) and tumors (bottom) in p75KOs show double positive (TUNEL/CD31-yellowish staining, arrowheads), indicating apoptosis of p75KO ECs. (c) Representative images of BM-derived (GFP+) cells recruited into WT and p75KO tumor tissue (arrows). (d) Quantification of BM-derived GFP (+) cells recruitment into the tumor tissue. (e) Representative images of double BM-derived GFP (+)/BS-1/lectin (+) cells, incorporated into functional vessels (yellow staining, arrows). Small arrowheads indicate BM-derived GFP (+) cells that are not incorporated into functional vessels (green) in p75KO tumors. (f) Quantification of BM-derived EPCs incorporation into the functional capillary network.
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